Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.

~ Booker T. Washington

Accelerating Abundance Through Business Re-education for All…

We believe that investing in your community is one of the most powerful ways to invoke positive change worldwide. These are just a few ways we have chosen to give back to our local communities.

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It is in our corporate DNA to give back and to provide education in our communities in order to spread abundance. Coaching for a Cause achieves both. By donating time to a nonprofit or charitable organization, our coaches share knowledge and educate the managers of those organizations to help them become better leaders. If service and nonprofit organizations are more successful and can serve more in need within the community, it will elevate the level of abundance for all. Some of our past Coaching for a Cause clients include:


The YESS (Young Entrepreneur Smart Start) Program is designed to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in youth worldwide. Students accepted into the program will view and complete videos, quizzes and assignments to receive a Business Basics Certificate. Those who receive a Certificate will have a basic business plan and pitch they can use to help generate sales and investor interest for their business ideas. Graduates of the 12-week Business Basics program will become part of the YESS Club, where they can connect with fellow graduates and volunteer coaches to keep learning and growing their business skills. We are currently in the process of getting YESS up and running with several local organizations, including: