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Welcome to the Sales MasterCLASS, a comprehensive 12-week program designed to elevate your sales performance to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or just starting out, our course will equip you with the essential skills, strategies, and techniques to succeed in today's competitive market.

Starts: June 5th, 2024

Duration: 12 weeks

Price: $1200

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The 12-week Sales Master Class will help you improve your sales performance through upgrades of skills, strategies and techniques to succeed more. The program is divided into three stages.

One: Igniting your ability to interact with prospects and clients by providing you with additional skills, strategies and techniques to communicate value, build rapport and overcome objections while creating a positive, lasting impression.

Two: You become a better sales person by growth of your knowledge, skills and strategies to handle objections easily and close more deals by identifying, understanding and addressing the needs of your prospects and clients.

Finally, reach your full potential as super-achievers through techniques, tools, and strategies that maximize results, close more deals and deliver exceptional customer experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What You'll Get

12 Training Sessions

Break down the sales process and sales techniques in practical and manageable segments.


Training is delivered in self-paced format with videos, and activities to help make learning more in depth and comprehensive.

Workbook & Planning Tools

Additional resources, reading recommendations and planning materials makes learning more valuable.

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When are classes? 

Classes are Monday, 12:00pm (EASTERN time). Classes will be held via Zoom for 1 hour each week as a group. Classes will conclude after 12 sessions (12 weeks).   

How do I know it's for me? 

If you’re in business to make money, you need to put your sales team through this 12 Week Sales Master Class. All sales team members are welcome.  

What is the time commitment? 

Class sessions are only 1-hour per week. In addition, there is light homework that can take up to 1 additional hour each week. Most homework items fit into your daily routine as you implement you learn.  

How much do I have to participate? 

A core tenet here at ActionCOACH is 100% participation. When you give your all, you will get more back in return. The most successful graduates of this program come prepared to participate each week.   

When can I get started? 

Right away! We are only taking 10 total for this session - secure your seat today and prepare for the upcoming class.   

Does my location matter? 

Nope! As long as you have access to a computer (with webcam) and internet, you are welcome to join. We love working with sales people all over the world!   

What You'll Learn

Week 1

Definition/Mindset &
Professionalism of Sales

Learn how to professionally help people to buy. When selling, you must sell with the purpose of helping your customers solve their problems, more than the product they are buying. And attitude plays a big part on this. Your attitude with which you approach your customer will determine your end result.

Week 3

Communication & Engagement

What you are communicating is what gets your customers to think and act that way. By communicating in the same language as they do, you'll better understand what they are saying. Understanding how people communicate, make decisions, and operate are very important parts in getting them.

Week 2


Your perception of customers plays out in how you relate, your language, action, and way of communicating. Having positive beliefs are important to building a good business. You'll be able to understand what they want, therefore, sell what they need. Be the problem solver and grow your business

Week 4

Prospecting, Qualifying & Targeting

Understand how to get new and/or repeat business. Customer's attention and interest level grow as they see more benefits in dealing with you. And understanding your products, customers, and competitors allows you to do that. The goal is to make them desire your products/services and buy from you.

Week 5

Lead Qualification

Part of lead qualification is your communication technique, especially, the questioning. Asking the right questions allows you to listen, focus on what they're saying, build rapport and trust, and get to know them better. Ask them questions until it reaches an emotion where they would want to do the sale with you.

Week 7

Sales Negotiation & Objection Handling

Most people's disposition in making purchases is mostly focused on emotions. Logic makes them think, but emotions make an act. Selling on purpose moves away the objections. Your preparations, communication, and bargaining will define the closing of sales. Sell your business' value first, then negotiate.

Week 6

Technique & Sales

Building a relationship that creates a lifetime customer. You lose because of lack of relationship and rapport. What you also communicate non-verbally is part of this. To build a lifetime customer, your preparedness, consistency, standards, and techniques should be in place to make your business grow.

Week 8

Understanding Your Competition

You can't outsell competitors that you don't know and understand, and that you haven't seen the products' benefits and features. You've got to know them better as any of your customers would. Defining your own products/services and knowing what is unique about it will differentiate you against your competitors.

Week 9

Database & Tools

Having a database and knowing your numbers will help you to become better. You cannot improve something that you don't measure. While sales tools associated with your sales process will outsell your ability to sell way before you even get to meet your prospect, thus, bringing growth to your business.

Week 11

The Enrollment

As you professionally help people to buy, your job is to make sure you're enrolling them and making them a purchase decision by starting to state the benefits they will gain from enrolling, rather than the product features.

Week 10

Customer Service & Support

What you're doing with your customer service, the level of taking care of them, is what will make them go back and give you referrals. Delivering the basics well, making the buying process easy, being proactive, innovative, and delivering customer satisfaction will make them loyal customers and give you referrals.

Week 12

Scripts, Action & Delivery

Scripts are part of the sales process that help you create a methodology of covering everything, opening your customer's mind of things that are important and getting them build that whole point. A great script is something that gets results.

Meet Coach Mary Ann

Mary Ann ranks as one of the Global Top 100 Business Coaches in the World and is the owner of one of the largest ActionCOACH firms in NC. Her passion lies in helping businesses grow and business owners lead while building strong workplaces where people and communities thrive. When not coaching and teaching business about growth she and her husband kurt will be cruising the Outer Banks of NC on their boat.

Meet Coach Karen

A Winston Salem native, Karen’s been an entrepreneur since grade school when she picked vegetables from her dad’s garden and sold them around the neighborhood from her red wagon. Prior to joining ActionCOACH, she founded both Agile City and Venture Café, making huge positive contribution to Winston-Salem and each individual she touched along the way.

When not working to help business owners and the community grow, Karen spends her time with her wife and dog doing what she, drawing, reading, playing golf, hiking and of course eating cheese burgers!